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“It takes a village to create a successful Artist” – Selma Danculovic

I had a meeting with my agent. I had finally met her and felt instantly connected.

What I took away from the meeting is that having a clear and strategic plan may assist you with taking the correct steps towards the right direction.

For the first time, I don’t feel alone on this journey. The wheels are in motion.

Yes, at times it may appear that you are travelling on this path, scattered and trying to land some traction, but I truly believe that,


It takes time, trial and error, learning, tears, fears and utter enjoyment.

I work in an industry that a degree doesn’t guarantee a job. Being in a long-running drama doesn’t guarantee you will be employed again.

But I am in an occupation that when one of us passes away, millions mourn the world over. Our work can move a stranger to tears/laughter/anger/nostalgia etc. Our work entertains. It allows us and the viewer to imagine and can make a massive and significant impact on our world.

Artists out there – enjoy your journey. Don’t be too concerned with time and goals. Be more mindful of your impact. Your legacy. How has your work effected another – and that’s including yourselves.
We are creators.


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Consistency & Contribution – a creative journey

It’s been a month and half or so since I signed up to the Certificate IV in Professional Writing & Editing. However, it has been 4 or so months (since January 1st 2017) since I decided that I am going to write every, single day.  So, how has my overall writing journey been so far?

It has been a slow & steady, wins the race kind of journey but I feel that everyday I am growing as a writer. I consistently write. Sometimes I may miss a day, but if I’m not typing away on my laptop on some personal piece, I assure you I am crafting a well-scripted email to something important.

What I’m discovering in this journey is that the more I write, the more my ideas flow outwardly. I feel my creative and writing muscles are becoming more pliable and well-developed.

When I say “writing’, I do mean, typing away on my laptop. (If I actually put pen to paper, no one would be able to decipher my work.)

I think what I am learning is that being consistent with my writing on a regular basis, allows a more free-flowing approach to my ideas. Waiting for a divine moment of inspiration is just not enough.  I will give you an example. I tend to type in a journal almost everyday. As I am typing random jibberish an idea for a script or a short story tends to pop in my head. Without hesitation, I open up a new document and type away. In a month’s time I may go back to and cringe, but at least I am working that writer and creative muscle. Each and every day that I do this, tends to build upon my confidence. I’m starting to trust my ability to be able to write.

The empowerment I feel and am experiencing is something unlike anything else so far.

To those reading this piece, who are going on a journey of any magnitude, each and every day you contribute to your growth, across various levels of your self, you contribute to your greater goal. Regardless of how small or large your contribution may be has nothing to do with how well you achieve it; it’s the strength of the intention behind your contribution.

Happy creating my loves x

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Setting a new course in life.

So I have recently signed up to do a Certificate IV in Professional Writing & Editing course via Open Colleges!

Now, this decision was not made on a whim. I have been in much deliberation for quite some time. In fact, I had originally queried with a helpful staff member late last year. I finally followed up with them in February of this year and they said that that particular course was no longer available. They suggested the above course mentioned and here I am.

I consider myself someone who often makes quick yet sound decisions. However, for something like this, I had to think it through. The reason? Lack of confidence. Stemmed from? Failing often on other pursuits in my life.

I have won and failed with diets. I have won and failed with career pursuits. The list goes on. Yes, I should have a more “positive” viewpoint on things and I do, don’t get me wrong. But you do get to a point where when one has their sights on yet another potential opportunity, you find yourself taking a step back and questioning it. You pull out your fine tooth comb and search for nits.

There I was, presented with some information about the course. I went back and forth with some questions with the lovely staff member. I then sat with it. I sat and pondered. I tried to weigh up the pros and cons. It actually brought about an unnecessary amount of anxiety. Then I asked myself, not “why” I was doing it but more so, “what was holding me back?” “What was stopping me?”

Fear. Fear of failing again. Fear of not finishing. And fear of not making an expected lucrative career out of it.

Then I asked myself, why? “Why are you doing this?” No, Selma, “why are you truly doing this?”

It took me a while to search and determine an answer.

I then realised that everything I have ever pursued and seemingly “failed” at was because the results I desired were not strong enough to fight for. Yes, they were results-driven, yes, they were tangible but they were generalised. They were carbon copies of others hopes and dreams.

I really looked within myself. I discovered that I am someone who needs to “feel” good about what they are doing. I need to “feel” that what I contribute to the world will be for its “betterment”. “Things” and “statuses” and “facade” are not enough for me,  I need more.  They are too fleeting and empty.  But, that “feeling” you experience when you are happy with what you have created is something you can’t really see and hold but has such a profound and lasting effect on so many areas of your life; including those people you encounter and the world and its beauties you walk amoungst.  That’s what will fulfill me.

So, why am I truly doing this course?

I am doing this to gain confidence and skills that may have a ripple effect in so many areas of my life. KNOWLEDGE emits POWER .YOUR POWER is confidence in yourself.

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Why hello there…look who decided to show up…

It has been quite a long time since I have stopped by to let you what has been happening. I would have stopped by sooner but, you know, things have …. Just life getting in the way…

It has been a soul-baring few years. I have walked down an aisle, honeymooned in Europe, my husband left his long-standing job and started a financial planning business. I work with him, somewhat. Extending our family has been a work-in-progress . I am in two minds of enrolling in an online course (with one mind leaning more towards pursing it (another day; another post.) I could go on but you get the jist.

Since finally tying the knot our lives have gone through the process of stripping off and letting go. We have gone through realising everything we thought was, wasn’t. In a way, we are starting back at square one but this time a few steps way ahead. My husband and I have built a wealth of knowledge. We have developed a fiery determination. We have been burnt; our confidence has been shattered. We have lost out and let go on opportunities; we’ve then created opportunities. And despite all of this, we are STILL together. In fact, our love has grown in abundance.

So this begs the question, what do we truly want?

I am not asking what I think I want or what I should have or even what others think I should have. I will ask myself again:

What do we truly want?

What do we desire? 

I began to start thinking about what is it that I truly want. In fact, I am still asking that. So this evening, I began to visualise. I decided to pose the same question to myself.In the future. As I laid on my death bed (many years from now of course.). I asked, “did you truly get what you wanted?” “Have you lived the life you wanted?”

And I looked at myself, with my lived-out body  but with the mind from today and I answered. “No.” \

That “no” had so much behind it. It sent a quiver through my body.

I then asked myself “why?”

Barely breathing, I summoned the necessary energy to answer. “There was a period of my life where I allowed what people think about me dictate how I should live my life. I allowed it to withdraw my full potential purely because they never realised there’s. I had dreams, ambitions, drive. But in turn I had stumbles, road blocks and  plummeting falls. I wasted many years stifled by my own tarnished lack of confidence. I truly believed I was not good enough. I wasted many years not doing what I could have done.”

Baffled I then asked myself, “why did you allow it to affect you?”

I then answered, “it’s because I allowed it to affect me.”

Every decision you make is yours. Nothing or no circumstance is truly and entirely responsible for your decisions outcome unless you allow it.

I now sit here asking myself what I truly want. I don’t look to the past of what coulda, shoulda, woulda been. That way of thinking can be detrimental to your future progress. So the answer?

“To live my life. MY LIFE. Not your neighbours’, not your high school friend’s, not your favourite celebrity’s. YOURS.”

There is nothing more empowering than deciding what you want then creating it.

I am the designer of MY the life. The life that I truly want.



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The Waiting game

We’ve all played it. Counting down the days to Christmas Day, anticipating what Santa may bring me this year? First day of school; experiencing the excitement or the dread (often enough, both.) Waiting for that crush to walk by so you can catch a glimpse, yet look away. Waiting to finally finish school and quite possibly start another, elsewhere. Then there’s adulthood. That time of our life where as a child we seem to have “talked up” only to discover it wasn’t really what you had expected. In fact, it’s a lot harder than anticipated.

And here we are, waiting. Waiting for everything to “just GO right, already!” You know what I’m saying? Searching for that “perfect” partner, scoring that idyllic career and excelling at it, buying that dream house to make your friends envious, jet-setting across the world like a Beckham.

But it’s not happening, so we wait. While waiting, we become restless. We then become resentful as we look through our rose-coloured, un-prescribed glasses, that don’t seem to suit you, out onto the world. We browse through photos of captured micro-second moments of other people’s seemingly productive lives and question “why aren’t I living that exact same life?” Until we realise that it’s simply “a captured MOMENT, often edited and often exaggerated”.

The waiting game is no longer fun. The waiting game then becomes emotionally draining. It becomes all consuming and an accepted reality.

Since the last time I posted on my page I have gone through quite an eventful eight months.

I’ve been on a soul-repairing journey. I’ve written, produced and acted in a scene, I’ve acted in four short films, I went on a 5 week European honeymoon across Greece, Croatia and Italy. My husband had started a business with a friend, in which I hope to assist them further in the future…the list goes on. Why has this happened? It’s because I decided that I no longer want to play the waiting game any longer. It’s wasteful, draining and soul crushing of your time, energy and potential.

It’s time to embrace the life you have today and work on tweaking it, if need be or so desire. Push aside your resentment on how your life has turned out and learn to love what it has become. It’s not over yet. You are still here, time to make the most of it!

I’m playing a new game, it’s called, the Doing game. It’s quite fun. This game is not based on chance, it’s based on action. There are risks involved of course. What you put in, may not produce those desired results. In fact you may fail; but you may even prosper. The intention of this game is to JUST DO IT!

Written by Selma Danculovic (Papapavlou)


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Check out an original piece I wrote, produced and performed in.

Filmed, directed and edited by Glenn Ellis. Co-staring Dennis Manahan.

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What do you owe?

I thought I would take you on a more, I guess you could say, an insightful journey. I’ll try anyway. Something came to mind a while ago and has always lingered. I’ve always wanted others’ opinion on this and what better way to receive it is via a blog post.

The whole notion of giving back and helping one another has always intrigued me. Yes, the act of giving is humbling and fulfilling in varying degrees. What I’m intrigued with is the give/take and vice versa equation.

What I’ve noticed, with a perceptive microscope, is the following,

‘When you continuously take from something or some being and not give (back) in return, the universe will somehow take what it’s owed to balance the ratio.’

The disclaimer* It may not necessarily be of equal value. It may even be unrelated.

This bold statement is not scientifically proven nor is it a fact. It’s most certainly interesting to ponder. It’s simply a thought, nothing more.

Selma Danculovic

Author of The Papakittens Adventures Reach for the Stars

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