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The Waiting game

We’ve all played it. Counting down the days to Christmas Day, anticipating what Santa may bring me this year? First day of school; experiencing the excitement or the dread (often enough, both.) Waiting for that crush to walk by so you can catch a glimpse, yet look away. Waiting to finally finish school and quite possibly start another, elsewhere. Then there’s adulthood. That time of our life where as a child we seem to have “talked up” only to discover it wasn’t really what you had expected. In fact, it’s a lot harder than anticipated.

And here we are, waiting. Waiting for everything to “just GO right, already!” You know what I’m saying? Searching for that “perfect” partner, scoring that idyllic career and excelling at it, buying that dream house to make your friends envious, jet-setting across the world like a Beckham.

But it’s not happening, so we wait. While waiting, we become restless. We then become resentful as we look through our rose-coloured, un-prescribed glasses, that don’t seem to suit you, out onto the world. We browse through photos of captured micro-second moments of other people’s seemingly productive lives and question “why aren’t I living that exact same life?” Until we realise that it’s simply “a captured MOMENT, often edited and often exaggerated”.

The waiting game is no longer fun. The waiting game then becomes emotionally draining. It becomes all consuming and an accepted reality.

Since the last time I posted on my page I have gone through quite an eventful eight months.

I’ve been on a soul-repairing journey. I’ve written, produced and acted in a scene, I’ve acted in four short films, I went on a 5 week European honeymoon across Greece, Croatia and Italy. My husband had started a business with a friend, in which I hope to assist them further in the future…the list goes on. Why has this happened? It’s because I decided that I no longer want to play the waiting game any longer. It’s wasteful, draining and soul crushing of your time, energy and potential.

It’s time to embrace the life you have today and work on tweaking it, if need be or so desire. Push aside your resentment on how your life has turned out and learn to love what it has become. It’s not over yet. You are still here, time to make the most of it!

I’m playing a new game, it’s called, the Doing game. It’s quite fun. This game is not based on chance, it’s based on action. There are risks involved of course. What you put in, may not produce those desired results. In fact you may fail; but you may even prosper. The intention of this game is to JUST DO IT!

Written by Selma Danculovic (Papapavlou)


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Check out an original piece I wrote, produced and performed in.

Filmed, directed and edited by Glenn Ellis. Co-staring Dennis Manahan.

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