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The long road; travelled several billion times!

It has been, what feels like a lifetime since I’ve posted anything!

So what has happened since then? I got married! Yes! April 18th 2015 was the official date. It was an interesting time in terms of the preparation, spending a small fortune on my wedding and so forth. I would like to write about how, well, we DIDN’T spend an exuberant amount for the big day in comparison to many others who may have. I will save that for another post.

What about my weight loss journey? It has been an absolute roller coaster ride! It has been up and down and side ways, upside down and standstill, (most of the time.) About a month a go I had bumped into a friend who hadn’t seen me for a while. She had mentioned that I look as though I had lost weight however unfortunately my scales tell a different story.

I’ve been struggling because I would often revert back to my old ways of embarking on fad diets and messing around with almost starving myself. This needs to stop. What I found worked so far are the following:

1. Portion control. If I ate less I tend to lose a little weight. That seems to be good in theory but the issue with me is that I need to be more consistent. Eating “less” doesn’t necessarily mean, “starving yourself”, it simply means being mindful and not going for second portions or feeling the need to finish the entire plate. If you want, you can save the rest of your serving for a snack a little later on.

2. Move more: The more I moved, the more my weight shifted. Once again, sounds good in theory. Now here is the disclaimer, you need to have variety. If I did the same workout everyday, not only did my body get used to it but my mind did as well. My drive and motivation became stale which resulted in not pushing myself to the limit with every work out. The key? Add variety in terms of the type of work and intensity, this for me, tends to fuel my motivation and gives me that extra oomph I need to get through my workout. If you do push your self with your workout each and every time with gusto and you are doing similar workouts, then good for you. Although I’m sure results will vary.

You may read this and think, “so what? There is nothing new here.”Yes, I’m aware of this. Remember, I’m coming from a real place, real experience and worst still, real struggle. I’m still travelling on this weight-loss journey and I’m sick and tired of it. I’m sick of reading articles where woman reflect on their weight loss journey and state, ” Oh, I just stopped eating such and such and weight just dropped off.” Or, ” Oh I only going to the gym 3 times a week and it just melted away.” When I read all of this data, after slogging it at the gym almost everyday and/or attempting every diet under the sun and not receiving those same results I want to just throw in the towel.

People, I can relate. I’m human. I’m frustrated. I’m disappointed. I’m fed-up. I’m angry!

So what will I do? Not give up. I can’t. I have reevaluate my weight loss journey. Do I really need to lose weight? If so, why? What are my genuine reasons? Are they aesthetic? I.e To look good? Or are they because I want to work towards achieving a goal? Or could they both? Who knows? All I know for now is to keep going. Set smaller goals, reevaluate the reasons behind my weight loss journey and be fierce about it. Until next time.

Please note, I’m not a dietician, nutrition expert, fitness guru or the like. I’m an average woman that just wants to lose weight, but is struggling! This post is merely a frustration vent-piece.