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Green tea experiment – Week 2 update:

Weight loss to date 6.6 kilos
Weighed myself on Thursday 10/07/2014 around 8 am
Weight gain: +.100 grams
Total: 6.5 kilos *

*Now here is an interesting turn of events. I worked out in the afternoon for an hour combining Zumba and a bit of running. I then weighed myself when I got home around 8pm and I had lost .600g. (subtracting from the original 6.6 kilos weight loss to date since last week.)

Total weight loss to date: 7.2 kilos!

So which weight loss figure should I choose to go by? The obvious would be the .600g weight loss, which now tips me towards the 7.2 kilo weight loss mark!

Let’s get back to my journey shall we? This week didn’t fare so well in terms of eating and exercising. At some point, even with weight loss!

Last Thursday I was on fire! I fit in two separate 1 hour sessions. I did one cardio session in the afternoon followed by another 1 hour Zumba session in the evening. I also managed to fit in 40 mins of yoga. The next day by late afternoon I felt so sick with flu symptoms! I did manage to fit in an hour cardio workout but could barely get through it. It went from bad to worse. Since last Friday until today I have been experiencing the dreaded flu. Although for the past two days I have 95% recovered I still have that lingering 5% percent.

On top of that the lovely time-of-the-month came and is nearly gone. Yes, yes TMI! But I do need to include all of the intervening variables. When I get my period I tend to put on a kilo or two and tend to hold onto it for a few days after.

Another variable was my diet. Let’s just say I failed miserably. For the most part I ate soup. But I did also include this amazing chocolate hedgehog cake I made and “could not do without.” (I’m being completely sarcastic here. I could do without it. My defences were down on so many levels. Yes, yes! I’m weak!) I also had rice on a number of occassions. When I’m sick I crave carbs. Full stop! I don’t want any protein-rich foods (i.e. eggs, meats etc.) I often would feel sick eating them so I just gave into my cravings. The body wants what the body wants right? The interesting part was when I did eat rice and potatoes my body felt replenished. So I researched this phenomena and it appears to be a known fact. I’ll try to summarise my understanding. Your body burns up more energy whilst you are sick to combat the flu. Carbohydrates are it’s preferred choice. Huh, go figure. So I don’t feel bad. In fact, I feel that I’m on the road to recovery.

So in mentioning all of the above,on another note here was my workout.

Day AM PM Yoga
Thursday 1 hr Cardio 1 hr Zumba 30 mins
Friday 1 hr Cardio
Saturday 1 hr
Sunday 1 hr
Monday Rest Rest Rest
Tuesday 50 mins Cardio/Weights 1 hr Body Combat
Wednesday 45 mins

Green Tea intake:

For the most part I would have at least a cup after each meal. I did however been consume green tea sporadically. I did have at least approximately 4 cups a day give or take.

The past couple of days I have included white rice into my diet (in small portions.) From Sunday –  Tuesday. I also had mostly homemade chicken and sweet corn soup. I also craved sugar and had some homemade hedgehog cake. On the weekend I had a small packet of peanut M&M’s. I also had a mini bowl of chinese food as well as 2 slices of meat lovers pizza. For the most part I had soup. I just couldn’t stomach a lot of my usual solid foods. My diet went awry!

Drinking the green tea along with copious amounts of water really aided in the  the recovery process.

What I’ve noticed is that when I really push myself with my workouts during the colder months I tend to be prone to catching the flu. In August 2013 I caught the flu three times. What I had noticed back then was that when I increased my workouts in duration and intensity I would get sick and now it’s happening again, very strange indeed. So this time around, I would like to be consistent with my workouts. I will aim to slowly incorporate and increase my workout duration and intensity instead of pushing myself to absolute limited by over-training.

So what’s in store for week 3?

Who knows? I will just keep going. I hope I lose the weight that I tend to hold onto whilst that ‘time’ comes about and then some. I will keep you posted. 🙂

Selma Danculovic

Author of The Papakittens Adventures: Reach for the Stars

#weightloss #greentea #dieting

Disclaimer* This is in no way diet advice but our own personal journey and experience. I’m not a dietician. Please seek professional advice when embarking on any diet and/or exercise regime.

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