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The Green Tea experiment. Week 1 update.

Total weight loss to date: 6.6 kilos

Total weight loss this week: .500g I had gained + .600g = 1.1 kilo weight loss.

So here we are, another week has gone by.

*The results above a based on yesterday’s results. I had weighed myself on an empty stomach (as I didn’t have breakfast). I also worked out for an hour prior to weighing myself. I had completely forgot to weigh myself today and to date I’ve had a meal and snack.

So here is the interesting part. On the first day of drinking green tea after every meal (and then some) I weighed myself the following day and lost a whopping .700g! Whether that was water weight or not, it was a surprising result!

Throughout the week my weight went up and down.

Workout regime: 

Day AM PM Yoga
Thursday 1 hr Zumba 30 mins yoga
Friday 1 hr Cardio 1 hr yoga
Saturday 1 hr & 20 mins Cardio/weights
Sunday 1hr Cardio/weights
Monday 1 hr Cardio 30 mins yoga
Tuesday 1 hr Body Combat 45 mins yoga
Wednesday 1 hr Cardio 40 mins yoga


I ate reasonably well. I stuck to my diet for the most part. I did indulge a few times. I had a kebab on Saturday for lunch, I had a chicken roll with small chips for lunch on Sunday, I ate a few freddo frogs and last night for my beloved’s birthday I had a handful of hot chips with my meal and a slice of a delicious (and well worth the indulgence) Jamaican baked cheesecake (chocolate) from The Cheesecake Shop. Amazing!

Green Tea consumption.

On average I think I consumed around 4-6 cups a day! Yes that’s a lot! I would often use the same tea bag to make two cups. I found the tea was quite potent.

There you have it. I’m quite pleased with the results thus far. The weight loss could be based on water weight but I’m really not complaining. Up until now I have been experiencing some difficulty with losing the weight I gained back whilst in Hawaii and a little bit extra. One thing I’ve noticed is that consuming green tea after each meal does help to reduce the bloated feeling. It would be interesting to see whether I will achieve similar weight loss results within the next week. Only time will tell…

Selma Danculovic

Author of The Papakittens Adventures: Reach for the Stars

#weightloss #greentea #dieting

Disclaimer* This is in no way diet advice but our own personal journey and experience. I’m not a dietician. Please seek professional advice when embarking on any diet and/or exercise regime.

2 thoughts on “The Green Tea experiment. Week 1 update.

  1. Well done Selm! You’re exercise regime is impressive and it’s great reading your progress. You always have a great way with words x


    1. Thank you Ms Jade!!! I will definitely keep going. I do have my ups and downs but I know for a fact if I just pick myself up again I will improve my habits. One step at a time. Thank you again for the support xoxox


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