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The Green Tea experiment

For a long time now I’ve heard of so many wonderful benefits of green tea.

  1. Full of antioxidants
  2. Assists in weight loss in conjunction with a well balanced diet and regular exercise.
  3. It apparently has anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents.
  4. Helps to reduce bad cholesterol.
  5. I could seriously be here for days. There are so much more, but you get the idea right?

An effect I could most certainly see is that it does have a somewhat high caffeine content. So if you are quite sensitive or even weary about that, you have been warned.

What I really want to focus on is #2. Surprise, surprise eh?

Does it really aid in weight loss? Now, I’ve tried a lot of diets in my time. Pills, soups, shakes, omitting a lot of the nasty junk foods and the like but tea? The thing is this, the operative word is ‘assists’. You as the dieter will still need to adopt a well balanced diet (what that may mean to you) and take part in regular heart-thumping, muscle- crunching, positive-vibe giving exercise.

So what’s the dealio? How will this all ‘go down’? Sorry for the slang. When something is all ‘suss’ (suspicious-oh dear I’m translating lingo now) well I tend to get all ‘sleep with eye open’ ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ like. I think I’ll stop now. Now back to what we were talking about.

Aha! yes! Green tea and its’ weight loss properties. Now if all of the above (and I’m sure there are many more fun facts) is true, then my experiment may work to some degree.

So how will I go about this?

I will still continue on with my diet and exercise regime. Although I have been slightly slack with my workouts compared to how I was prior to my trip to Hawaii almost a couple of months ago. Over the past few weeks or so I tend to be averaging, in terms of working out, around 5 times a week and sometimes twice-a-day. It’s not my usual 6 times a week and sometimes twice-a-day workouts.

For this experiment I will try my hardest to note the exercise I’ve done. I will try to summarise my diet. I truly hate writing down what I eat. It’s tedious and a tad bit all-consuming. So I’ll give you more of an ‘idea’ of what I’ve consumed…’overall’. Gosh I’m lazy!

I will aim to have at least a cup of green tea during/after my 3 main meals. If I have more, then that’s a bonus.
I will aim to do this for the next 6 weeks. (To start off with.)

That’s it!

So how will I correlate whether green tea has ‘assisted with’ my weight loss?
Listen, I have to admit. Over the past couple of weeks. Well since I posted my article on reaching a 6 kilo weight loss. I had put on around half a kilo. It goes up and down but seems to hover around that point. I have been eating reasonably well. Although my exercise is a little less, my workouts are still a decent amount in terms of duration and intensity. If the green tea could aid in shifting what I’ve gain plus more (stressing the point more so, with diet and exercise) then everything will be coming up Selma (and we don’t mean my weight :-/ sorry it was right there! I just couldn’t walk away from a zinger line.)

Now come to think of it. I’ve also started incorporating high intensity workouts like running regular. I wonder if that has anything to do with the inability to shift more weight? It could be that and, you know, once-a-month came and gone. I tend to hold on to weight when that occurs. Who knows what it could be?

So in saying that. If I still continue with my diet. Increase my workouts slightly and incorporate the green tea, it shall be interesting to see  how it will all go. 6 weeks may not be enough though but 6 weeks may be enough to see some shift, however small that may be.

I’ve started consuming some green tea today. To date I’m on my first cup. It’s only around 11 am Melbourne time. I’m at home today so that helps. It may be a little different when I’m out and about. The key, I think, is to keep it simple. Just stick to a few simple rules ( as per above)

Let the experiment begin!

Selma Danculovic

Author of The Papakittens Adventures: Reach for the Stars

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Disclaimer* This is in no way diet advice but our own personal journey and experience. I’m not a dietician. Please seek professional advice when embarking on any diet and/or exercise regime.

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What do you owe?

I thought I would take you on a more, I guess you could say, an insightful journey. I’ll try anyway. Something came to mind a while ago and has always lingered. I’ve always wanted others’ opinion on this and what better way to receive it is via a blog post.

The whole notion of giving back and helping one another has always intrigued me. Yes, the act of giving is humbling and fulfilling in varying degrees. What I’m intrigued with is the give/take and vice versa equation.

What I’ve noticed, with a perceptive microscope, is the following,

‘When you continuously take from something or some being and not give (back) in return, the universe will somehow take what it’s owed to balance the ratio.’

The disclaimer* It may not necessarily be of equal value. It may even be unrelated.

This bold statement is not scientifically proven nor is it a fact. It’s most certainly interesting to ponder. It’s simply a thought, nothing more.

Selma Danculovic

Author of The Papakittens Adventures Reach for the Stars

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Breaking up with my excess weight is so hard to do.

Just LIFE getting in the way

This is interesting. As a writer I tend to write a bit and then think, ‘wow! this is a brilliant piece!’ Mind you it’s often 3am or so! I keep telling myself I’m not that tired but really who am I kidding? If my keyboard inflated into a pillow my head would drop like lead straight onto it!

So what I then do is I tend to save the piece, then months later refer to it and think, ‘what on earth was I thinking?!’ Now, I don’t know if what I’ve just posted below will be ‘one of those instances’ but I figure, I really should have published it a couple of months ago when I first wrote it, also it’s better late than never.

Meh, I will leave it up to you to decide. I first wrote this on the 17th of March 2014. Another reason as to why I decided to post it today was…

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Back to the tried and true. (Weight loss to date: 6 kilos!)

Weight loss to date: 6 kilos!

I have finally reached the 6 kilo weight loss mark about a week ago!! Woohoo! To some people this may not be much, but to me, it is an incredible win!

So I had officially arrived back from my trip to Hawaii on the 12th of May. Before I continue I would also like to break the news that I’m ENGAGED! My boyfriend of almost 9 years had proposed on my birthday (May 2nd) in Hawaii! Yes, yes, I know! It took me weeks to announce it but I just had to tell my family and close friends before I announced it to the wonderful, wide, internet world.

<Cue praise, then love followed by complete and utter feel good, top-of-the world kind of vibes. Then end scene.>

Let’s continue shall we?

So when I had arrived back it took a good week, no wait, I’m sugar coating it. 10 days or so to get my head back in the weight loss game. Jet lag came and went, I had a nasty cough and it felt like the dreaded flu-like symptoms hovered over me like a nightmarish demon but like a nightmare, it ended.

See I don’t tend to lose weight quickly and require an intense and committed workout and diet regime. I had put on a couple of kilos while I was in Hawaii (no fault but my own). So upon my return I had to lose that weight plus lose a little bit more. Now we are back in business!

On the workout front

So within the second week back from the holiday I started getting back to my gym routine but it was definitely a sloooooow process!

I could give you every excuse under the sun, which may welcome sympathy but the truth is I just really could not be bothered. I felt drained and just plan ol’ lazy. Despite all of this laziness, I just went through the motions and thought ‘well this is better than nothing’. Rather than not going at all, I just recreated new temporary goals. One was to continue working out even if I wasn’t going as hard core about it. I did this for a couple of weeks until my interest was raised. Also, I had only worked out between 4-5 times a week as opposed to my pre-Hawaii workout regime which was on average 6 times a week and often than not, two sessions a day.

The Sunday pass (2nd June), I took part in the MS fun run. Last year I had only walked it. This year I decided to take part in the 5km run. And I did. My run time was 34:05. During my run I had stopped to walk around 3 times which is a lot less then the other runs I had took part in previously. (I’m quite proud of that). I had decided at the start of this year that one fitness goal was to tale part in 5 x 5km fun runs. This is my second.

So this week has begun, it’s Wednesday and I have worked out yesterday and today. I had my ‘rest’ day on Monday. This week will be a 6 day workouts with 4 of those days being a ‘two-workouts-a-day’ regime.  Also, over the past two weeks I have slowly introduced yoga back into my workout (which is most welcomed as my muscles are screaming for it!) This week I’ve scheduled 6 x 30 minute sessions, to date I have completed 2.

Food, glorious food!

The diet was a little rocky when we returned. On our holiday we took splurging to the next level. Burgers, hot dogs, sweets, pizza, cheesecake, rich foods! By the end of the holiday we craved salads. I remember we finally got into The Cheesecake factory and had the slice of deliciousness in front of me but all I wanted was grilled chicken breast and salad.

As mentioned in the previous post  I had put back on a couple of kilos. With regards to losing what I had gained, it had been such an up and down process. Since nearly a week ago I have finally broken through the 6 kilo weight loss mark. What I had noticed is that even though I didn’t exercise as much as I would usually like I tried my utmost hardest to stick to my diet. As mentioned in the previous post, I had mentioned to stick to 1-2 cheat meals. Over the past weeks since I had arrived from Hawaii I had approximately up to 3 cheat meals a week. This week I’m really trying to restrict it back down to 1-2 cheat meals. So far, so good.

What I had noticed was regardless of whether I had exercised ferociously or not, as long as I stuck to a healthy diet, I somehow lost some weight.  That and a consistent exercise program. Oh and of course, focus and determination.

Anyway, until next time…

Selma Danculovic

Author of The Papakittens Adventures: Reach for the Stars

Disclaimer* This is in no way diet advice but our own personal journey and experience. I’m not a dietician. Please seek professional advice when embarking on any diet and/or exercise regime.

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