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Breaking up with my excess weight is so hard to do.

This is interesting. As a writer I tend to write a bit and then think, ‘wow! this is a brilliant piece!’ Mind you it’s often 3am or so! I keep telling myself I’m not that tired but really who am I kidding? If my keyboard inflated into a pillow my head would drop like lead straight onto it!

So what I then do is I tend to save the piece, then months later refer to it and think, ‘what on earth was I thinking?!’ Now, I don’t know if what I’ve just posted below will be ‘one of those instances’ but I figure, I really should have published it a couple of months ago when I first wrote it, also it’s better late than never.

Meh, I will leave it up to you to decide. I first wrote this on the 17th of March 2014. Another reason as to why I decided to post it today was because well, I think you might find it slightly interesting to see the contrast between what I’ve posted and my next post (which I’m currently writing.) P.s. I’ve slightly tweaked this post today. Enjoy!

Breaking up with my excess weight is so hard to do. March 17th 2014.

Excess weight? Listen, we need to talk. It’s been, I don’t a few years now and right now, I don’t think this whole thing is going to work. I mean, at the beginning I thought it was ok, you know, we would spend a lot of time together. It was fun. Eating out quite a lot and indulging in chocolate blocks on cold winter nights, while watching an old movie.

Years went on and you know what, as this living organism kind of mass thing just kept growing and it didn’t bother me so much. I just masked you with strategically placed clothing items and we were happy as pie. But then you started to drain my energy which is, well, it’s a no-go. I mean, after all I’ve giving you, you have to do this to me?!

You drain my energy, my moods are completely out of whack, I can’t sleep well, and I honestly just can’t be bothered anymore.

This relationship is just not healthy! OK! I’ve said enough. This relationship is just not happening right now. And us?…well if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

Break – ups are never really easy…

I looked at the scale today and I dropped either 2.4kilos or just .4 kilos. Why so vague? Well when I weighed myself last week on Saturday I weighed a certain amount. After a weekend of indulging I put on some weight but had officially started my diet on the Monday and so I had weighed myself again and low and behold, I put on a couple of kilos. But in saying that, It took a few long days to reduce it back down to the original weight amount on Saturday (like 5 days!) I’m not too sure which one to go by? You know what? Either way, it’s some sort of win or loss in this case.

What I’ve discovered from my experience above is that it is incredibly hard to loose the weight FULL STOP! PERIOD!! In my last post I had mentioned my boyfriend and I had embarked on a pale/primal/atkins etc kinda


My boyfriend seems to be going super well on it. I’m now (barely though) getting used to it. Last week I felt like a little tug boat that could trying to navigating through the thick brain fog I was experiencing. But I decided to take charge of the situation because I know it is only temporary. How you might ask? Through working on changing my mind set? Yes, that’s one of the many reasons. But in actual fact when I decided to start blogging I thought that this is just another form of looking at my weight-loss journey in a more objective and a somewhat logical manner. Trying to lose weight can often be emotionally draining. Blogging is another form of pulling myself out of that and viewing my challenges from an ‘almost third person perspective’. I guess blogging is just another form of accountability and a vehicle to vent.

So in saying that, we’ll start off slow, you know, just to get to know each other’s quirks. Then we’ll go from there. Let’s just see how long this relationship will last.

Selma Danculovic

Author of The Papakittens Adventures Reach for the Stars

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