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“It takes a village to create a successful Artist” – Selma Danculovic

I had a meeting with my agent. I had finally met her and felt instantly connected.

What I took away from the meeting is that having a clear and strategic plan may assist you with taking the correct steps towards the right direction.

For the first time, I don’t feel alone on this journey. The wheels are in motion.

Yes, at times it may appear that you are travelling on this path, scattered and trying to land some traction, but I truly believe that,


It takes time, trial and error, learning, tears, fears and utter enjoyment.

I work in an industry that a degree doesn’t guarantee a job. Being in a long-running drama doesn’t guarantee you will be employed again.

But I am in an occupation that when one of us passes away, millions mourn the world over. Our work can move a stranger to tears/laughter/anger/nostalgia etc. Our work entertains. It allows us and the viewer to imagine and can make a massive and significant impact on our world.

Artists out there – enjoy your journey. Don’t be too concerned with time and goals. Be more mindful of your impact. Your legacy. How has your work effected another – and that’s including yourselves.
We are creators.


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Consistency & Contribution – a creative journey

It’s been a month and half or so since I signed up to the Certificate IV in Professional Writing & Editing. However, it has been 4 or so months (since January 1st 2017) since I decided that I am going to write every, single day.  So, how has my overall writing journey been so far?

It has been a slow & steady, wins the race kind of journey but I feel that everyday I am growing as a writer. I consistently write. Sometimes I may miss a day, but if I’m not typing away on my laptop on some personal piece, I assure you I am crafting a well-scripted email to something important.

What I’m discovering in this journey is that the more I write, the more my ideas flow outwardly. I feel my creative and writing muscles are becoming more pliable and well-developed.

When I say “writing’, I do mean, typing away on my laptop. (If I actually put pen to paper, no one would be able to decipher my work.)

I think what I am learning is that being consistent with my writing on a regular basis, allows a more free-flowing approach to my ideas. Waiting for a divine moment of inspiration is just not enough.  I will give you an example. I tend to type in a journal almost everyday. As I am typing random jibberish an idea for a script or a short story tends to pop in my head. Without hesitation, I open up a new document and type away. In a month’s time I may go back to and cringe, but at least I am working that writer and creative muscle. Each and every day that I do this, tends to build upon my confidence. I’m starting to trust my ability to be able to write.

The empowerment I feel and am experiencing is something unlike anything else so far.

To those reading this piece, who are going on a journey of any magnitude, each and every day you contribute to your growth, across various levels of your self, you contribute to your greater goal. Regardless of how small or large your contribution may be has nothing to do with how well you achieve it; it’s the strength of the intention behind your contribution.

Happy creating my loves x

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Setting a new course in life.

So I have recently signed up to do a Certificate IV in Professional Writing & Editing course via Open Colleges!

Now, this decision was not made on a whim. I have been in much deliberation for quite some time. In fact, I had originally queried with a helpful staff member late last year. I finally followed up with them in February of this year and they said that that particular course was no longer available. They suggested the above course mentioned and here I am.

I consider myself someone who often makes quick yet sound decisions. However, for something like this, I had to think it through. The reason? Lack of confidence. Stemmed from? Failing often on other pursuits in my life.

I have won and failed with diets. I have won and failed with career pursuits. The list goes on. Yes, I should have a more “positive” viewpoint on things and I do, don’t get me wrong. But you do get to a point where when one has their sights on yet another potential opportunity, you find yourself taking a step back and questioning it. You pull out your fine tooth comb and search for nits.

There I was, presented with some information about the course. I went back and forth with some questions with the lovely staff member. I then sat with it. I sat and pondered. I tried to weigh up the pros and cons. It actually brought about an unnecessary amount of anxiety. Then I asked myself, not “why” I was doing it but more so, “what was holding me back?” “What was stopping me?”

Fear. Fear of failing again. Fear of not finishing. And fear of not making an expected lucrative career out of it.

Then I asked myself, why? “Why are you doing this?” No, Selma, “why are you truly doing this?”

It took me a while to search and determine an answer.

I then realised that everything I have ever pursued and seemingly “failed” at was because the results I desired were not strong enough to fight for. Yes, they were results-driven, yes, they were tangible but they were generalised. They were carbon copies of others hopes and dreams.

I really looked within myself. I discovered that I am someone who needs to “feel” good about what they are doing. I need to “feel” that what I contribute to the world will be for its “betterment”. “Things” and “statuses” and “facade” are not enough for me,  I need more.  They are too fleeting and empty.  But, that “feeling” you experience when you are happy with what you have created is something you can’t really see and hold but has such a profound and lasting effect on so many areas of your life; including those people you encounter and the world and its beauties you walk amoungst.  That’s what will fulfill me.

So, why am I truly doing this course?

I am doing this to gain confidence and skills that may have a ripple effect in so many areas of my life. KNOWLEDGE emits POWER .YOUR POWER is confidence in yourself.

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Why hello there…look who decided to show up…

It has been quite a long time since I have stopped by to let you what has been happening. I would have stopped by sooner but, you know, things have …. Just life getting in the way…

It has been a soul-baring few years. I have walked down an aisle, honeymooned in Europe, my husband left his long-standing job and started a financial planning business. I work with him, somewhat. Extending our family has been a work-in-progress . I am in two minds of enrolling in an online course (with one mind leaning more towards pursing it (another day; another post.) I could go on but you get the jist.

Since finally tying the knot our lives have gone through the process of stripping off and letting go. We have gone through realising everything we thought was, wasn’t. In a way, we are starting back at square one but this time a few steps way ahead. My husband and I have built a wealth of knowledge. We have developed a fiery determination. We have been burnt; our confidence has been shattered. We have lost out and let go on opportunities; we’ve then created opportunities. And despite all of this, we are STILL together. In fact, our love has grown in abundance.

So this begs the question, what do we truly want?

I am not asking what I think I want or what I should have or even what others think I should have. I will ask myself again:

What do we truly want?

What do we desire? 

I began to start thinking about what is it that I truly want. In fact, I am still asking that. So this evening, I began to visualise. I decided to pose the same question to myself.In the future. As I laid on my death bed (many years from now of course.). I asked, “did you truly get what you wanted?” “Have you lived the life you wanted?”

And I looked at myself, with my lived-out body  but with the mind from today and I answered. “No.” \

That “no” had so much behind it. It sent a quiver through my body.

I then asked myself “why?”

Barely breathing, I summoned the necessary energy to answer. “There was a period of my life where I allowed what people think about me dictate how I should live my life. I allowed it to withdraw my full potential purely because they never realised there’s. I had dreams, ambitions, drive. But in turn I had stumbles, road blocks and  plummeting falls. I wasted many years stifled by my own tarnished lack of confidence. I truly believed I was not good enough. I wasted many years not doing what I could have done.”

Baffled I then asked myself, “why did you allow it to affect you?”

I then answered, “it’s because I allowed it to affect me.”

Every decision you make is yours. Nothing or no circumstance is truly and entirely responsible for your decisions outcome unless you allow it.

I now sit here asking myself what I truly want. I don’t look to the past of what coulda, shoulda, woulda been. That way of thinking can be detrimental to your future progress. So the answer?

“To live my life. MY LIFE. Not your neighbours’, not your high school friend’s, not your favourite celebrity’s. YOURS.”

There is nothing more empowering than deciding what you want then creating it.

I am the designer of MY the life. The life that I truly want.



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The Waiting game

We’ve all played it. Counting down the days to Christmas Day, anticipating what Santa may bring me this year? First day of school; experiencing the excitement or the dread (often enough, both.) Waiting for that crush to walk by so you can catch a glimpse, yet look away. Waiting to finally finish school and quite possibly start another, elsewhere. Then there’s adulthood. That time of our life where as a child we seem to have “talked up” only to discover it wasn’t really what you had expected. In fact, it’s a lot harder than anticipated.

And here we are, waiting. Waiting for everything to “just GO right, already!” You know what I’m saying? Searching for that “perfect” partner, scoring that idyllic career and excelling at it, buying that dream house to make your friends envious, jet-setting across the world like a Beckham.

But it’s not happening, so we wait. While waiting, we become restless. We then become resentful as we look through our rose-coloured, un-prescribed glasses, that don’t seem to suit you, out onto the world. We browse through photos of captured micro-second moments of other people’s seemingly productive lives and question “why aren’t I living that exact same life?” Until we realise that it’s simply “a captured MOMENT, often edited and often exaggerated”.

The waiting game is no longer fun. The waiting game then becomes emotionally draining. It becomes all consuming and an accepted reality.

Since the last time I posted on my page I have gone through quite an eventful eight months.

I’ve been on a soul-repairing journey. I’ve written, produced and acted in a scene, I’ve acted in four short films, I went on a 5 week European honeymoon across Greece, Croatia and Italy. My husband had started a business with a friend, in which I hope to assist them further in the future…the list goes on. Why has this happened? It’s because I decided that I no longer want to play the waiting game any longer. It’s wasteful, draining and soul crushing of your time, energy and potential.

It’s time to embrace the life you have today and work on tweaking it, if need be or so desire. Push aside your resentment on how your life has turned out and learn to love what it has become. It’s not over yet. You are still here, time to make the most of it!

I’m playing a new game, it’s called, the Doing game. It’s quite fun. This game is not based on chance, it’s based on action. There are risks involved of course. What you put in, may not produce those desired results. In fact you may fail; but you may even prosper. The intention of this game is to JUST DO IT!

Written by Selma Danculovic (Papapavlou)


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Check out an original piece I wrote, produced and performed in.

Filmed, directed and edited by Glenn Ellis. Co-staring Dennis Manahan.

Now, let’s talk about acting.

Many of you may not know but I’m an actor. Yes, an actor. I’m proud to say it as I’ve never really admitted that I was an actor until now. When asked, I would often reply with “oh I dabble into a bit of acting”.  These days, I have now come to terms with this. Why do I now stand tall and declare that I am indeed an actor. Actually it was only recently. I made the realisation that I as an actor was putting in so much work with scene preparation/study, character work/development, attending weekly classes, learning lines, working on short films, theatre productions and even recently behind the scenes as a production assistant on a short film. Let’s not forget searching and obtaining an agent and only last year I got my headshots done. On top of all that, I am constantly looking for unpaid and possibly paid work. Phew! Now, this decision may have been prompted through sheer frustration but I thought long and hard about it all. I was in fact working like a full-time actor.

Yes, I’m aware I’m not getting paid but I have been putting in the efforts, hours and mental capacity like an actor. I realised I was reaping the rewards that only actors would understand. Developing a character from nothing, making an impact; an impression during auditions and/or performances, finally learning the lines and then working on developing and fermenting moments. That in itself was what being an actor was about. Yes, it would be lovely to be paid and I’m sure many opportunities will come by soon but in the meantime I have this; a discovery that I’m in fact a “working” actor.

Now, let’s look at the term”full-time” actor. Am I a full-time actor? Yes, I am. I’m full time in terms of my perspective and attitude towards my work. Being full-time doesn’t constitute to solely hours spent. It has a lot to do with HOW your time is spent, not HOW MUCH. For instance, staring at your script and not really working on it for hours on end isn’t really working. Just because you’ve said you’ve spent 20 hours on acting relating stuff doesn’t necessary mean it was productively spent. You could get a lot done in far less time Let me elaborate.

I remember years ago I was working in full-time office job. Despite this I still went to weekly acting classes, had my yearly headshot done, had an agent and was I was looking for acting opportunities. How did I find the time? Well, many may say, “you don’t have kids, of course it was easier for you”. Yes, true to some degree , but I was also working casually as a massage therapist. And wrote when I had an hour or two to spare. But what I’m getting at is despite all of the above I still had a full-time positive and can-do attitude and perspective towards my acting. I was alert as I would and could allow it. And that in itself is full-time.

I was thinking of example of of what I mean about being “full-time” without really being the usual 9-5 full-time kinda job:

Day 1: spending an hour learning lines. Usually once learned you tend to get better at retaining once you start rehearsing with other cast members.

Day 2: Spending some time online searching for short film (usually unpaid) opportunities on great sites like Star Now. Applying for as many appealing roles as possible.

Day 3: Send an update to your agent on what you have been up to with gaining work. Or if you are looking for one, spend some time researching some potential agents to submit to.

Day 4: Update your showreel or work out what you want for your showreel. Find scenes and scene partners, find a space, organise a small crew to film and/or obtain footage from previous work you’ve completed.

Day 5: Character and scene work development.

Day 6: See a play or read a play.

Day 7: If you are writer, write a scene, short film, play etc.  Play around with an idea you have been thinking of and see where your imagination takes you. Many artist these days are creating their own work to expand their own opportunities. Go for it!

I could go on and on. What I’ve suggested are only just that, suggestions. But I hope you understand what I mean by all of this.Try to list all of things you could possibly do. What are you creative skills and expand further. Set some time aside, even if it’s 30 mins. You may say, some tasks take a little longer. Then spill it over to the next day.  Each seed you sow will somehow help you reap the benefits for you. You are a creative being that needs to be consistent and focused in order to succeed. What I’ve found with being in the creative industry is the more effort, heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears the more you will benefit on a personal level. The viewers will see that. You just have to be proud of your work and PROMOTE. To compare it to most typical 9-5, pay by the hour job, the time you put in you will still get paid a salary or by the hour. When you are an actor, the more effort you put in creating, learning (especially from mistakes) and promoting yourself and your work you will somehow be noticed and appreciated, maybe even eventually paid. Is there a set date to achieve ultimate success? No one can determine that. What helps me move forward and upward is to remember why you wanted to be an actor in the first place. It can be quite simple. My reason? Because I just LOVE it!

Thank you for reading. Check out below a few quotes I’ve picked up from Dame Judi Dench and Stella Adler. Also, we can’t forget a great little video snippet from Robert De Niro on acting. Less is more…

Written by Selma Danculovic

Actor and children’s author of The Papakittens Adventures: Reach for the Stars. Printed and E-book now available on Amazon.

“I think you should take your job seriously not yourself. That is the best combination.” Dame Judi Dench

“Your talent is your choice”. Stella Adler

Here’s a brief yet interesting insight on acting by the legendary Robert De Niro. Less is more…

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The long road; travelled several billion times!

It has been, what feels like a lifetime since I’ve posted anything!

So what has happened since then? I got married! Yes! April 18th 2015 was the official date. It was an interesting time in terms of the preparation, spending a small fortune on my wedding and so forth. I would like to write about how, well, we DIDN’T spend an exuberant amount for the big day in comparison to many others who may have. I will save that for another post.

What about my weight loss journey? It has been an absolute roller coaster ride! It has been up and down and side ways, upside down and standstill, (most of the time.) About a month a go I had bumped into a friend who hadn’t seen me for a while. She had mentioned that I look as though I had lost weight however unfortunately my scales tell a different story.

I’ve been struggling because I would often revert back to my old ways of embarking on fad diets and messing around with almost starving myself. This needs to stop. What I found worked so far are the following:

1. Portion control. If I ate less I tend to lose a little weight. That seems to be good in theory but the issue with me is that I need to be more consistent. Eating “less” doesn’t necessarily mean, “starving yourself”, it simply means being mindful and not going for second portions or feeling the need to finish the entire plate. If you want, you can save the rest of your serving for a snack a little later on.

2. Move more: The more I moved, the more my weight shifted. Once again, sounds good in theory. Now here is the disclaimer, you need to have variety. If I did the same workout everyday, not only did my body get used to it but my mind did as well. My drive and motivation became stale which resulted in not pushing myself to the limit with every work out. The key? Add variety in terms of the type of work and intensity, this for me, tends to fuel my motivation and gives me that extra oomph I need to get through my workout. If you do push your self with your workout each and every time with gusto and you are doing similar workouts, then good for you. Although I’m sure results will vary.

You may read this and think, “so what? There is nothing new here.”Yes, I’m aware of this. Remember, I’m coming from a real place, real experience and worst still, real struggle. I’m still travelling on this weight-loss journey and I’m sick and tired of it. I’m sick of reading articles where woman reflect on their weight loss journey and state, ” Oh, I just stopped eating such and such and weight just dropped off.” Or, ” Oh I only going to the gym 3 times a week and it just melted away.” When I read all of this data, after slogging it at the gym almost everyday and/or attempting every diet under the sun and not receiving those same results I want to just throw in the towel.

People, I can relate. I’m human. I’m frustrated. I’m disappointed. I’m fed-up. I’m angry!

So what will I do? Not give up. I can’t. I have reevaluate my weight loss journey. Do I really need to lose weight? If so, why? What are my genuine reasons? Are they aesthetic? I.e To look good? Or are they because I want to work towards achieving a goal? Or could they both? Who knows? All I know for now is to keep going. Set smaller goals, reevaluate the reasons behind my weight loss journey and be fierce about it. Until next time.

Please note, I’m not a dietician, nutrition expert, fitness guru or the like. I’m an average woman that just wants to lose weight, but is struggling! This post is merely a frustration vent-piece.

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The shift – weight loss battles

It has been several weeks now since my last post. I could say I have been busy but it all honesty I didn’t want to post anything until I had something positive to report. That seems delusional. A weight loss journey is not all ‘sunshine and lollipops’. I had reached the 9 kilos mark  but have been hanging on the corner of struggle street for a few weeks now trying to reach the 10 kilo mark. it has literally been a crazy dollar coaster that I jumped on. My eating habits haven’t been great however I have to say I have strived each day to do the best that I can in terms of my diet and exercise.

So what has happened since my last post? I did mention that I would give my ‘green tea experiment’ another go, for another week. I didn’t do it? Why? I couldn’t be bothered. That is the cold, hard and shameful truth. Just plain forgot to drink green tea after every meal. I have been drinking it but sporadically.

There has been a number of things that have been happening.

I had quite a few rehearsals leading up to the 6 shows we did for the Sunshine Community theatre’s, ‘Shh!!..Don’t tell the Bride!’ It was an incredible experience that I will never forget and that I really needed to do. I feel that next year will be a new chapter in terms of the love/relationship department. I needed to be involved in a couple of theatre productions this year as I needed to get back to treading the boards. Acting in theatre involves quite a bit of time so NOW was a better time than ever. I feel content. We all did a brilliant job. I gained so much from this. I’ve gained new friendships, new networks, stretched my acting muscles out, gained some credits and have gained new-found respect from my ‘old’ friends who saw the show. I guess it reaffirmed and showcased why I’m sticking and have stuck to acting.

I have also updated my showreel, finally got my head shots done and have started researching some acting schools that I would like to attend. Feel free to check out my page Toes crossed I will find an agent <watch this space >.

So August must be month to be constantly sick! Flu season was rife this year, more than ever! I had been sick a few times. Whether it was the flu or chest infection, I had experienced something! This stopped my progress greatly as it not only hindered me from going to the gym I also didn’t exert myself greatly when I returned back after I got over it all.

So now it’s time to just continue on. I know I will reach the 10 kilo mark. I will also aim to lose another 10 kilos by the end of the year!  I’ve learnt so much more about my body since embarking on this weight loss journey in mid-March. I’ve let go of many incorrect data about health, well-being and weight loss. I’ve ever-so slowly adopted new concepts . The one thing I’ve discovered is that you need to be consistent. Yes, there are times you will fail but the sooner you pick your self up and learn from your mistakes the closer you’ll be.

Until next time…

Selma Danculovic

Author of The Papakittens Adventures: Reach for the Stars

#weightloss #dieting

Disclaimer* This is in no way diet advice but our own personal journey and experience. I’m not a dietician. Please seek professional advice when embarking on any diet and/or exercise regime.

Week 6 – The Green Tea experiment – FINAL! *

Weight loss to date: 7.6 kilos

Weight loss/gain: -.400g

Total weight loss during the 6 week Green Tea experiment: 2.3 kilos.

Weight loss total since mid March: 8 kilos!!!**

* This post was written on Friday 8th of august 2014. Edited Sunday 10th August 2014.

** I weighed myself on Friday 8th Aug (mid-morning.)

This has been one of the most interesting yet in some ways surprising weeks out of all of the weeks.

Firstly, I would like to thank the academy for somehow, despite NOT sticking to the diet and NOT sticking to the exercise regime, STILL managed to lose weight!!

Universe? You must really love me. Like, really love me?

I’ve given you all minimal information yet criticized so much so far. Here is why. On Saturday the dreaded flu like symptoms reemerged from the depths of darkness and the mythical evil land of Zor. In a nutshell, I just started to feel sick. The weather dropped to something like -5 degrees in Ararat (where I was staying) and my immune system was not taking it!


So from then on, I couldn’t eat much. If I did, it was usually carbs and junk as for some reason I couldn’t stomach anything else for long. My diet was shocking, 85% of the time. Examples of this shocking diet are as follows, cookies, buttery toast with vegemite and cheese, a Whopper burger (I seem to love these more so of late), I put sugar in my tea, did I mention cookies? Yes? There were so many cookies. I even ate pasta! Oh the horror!! I had one bowl. The leftovers I tried to eat the next day, well, let’s just say didn’t make the journey down. It came up like an erupted volcano! Annnnnd TMI session ends now!

So in my dire need for some sort of substance I opted for homemade chicken and sweet corn soup. I did however try to eat a lot of fruit and vegies. It was only today (Friday 8th Aug) that I decided to steer clear from the carbs and go back to my diet. I ate what I ate during my flu patch because it gave me great comfort. When I get a whiff of meat I wanted to vomit! When I ate substantial amounts of food I would actual throw up because I just could not stomach it! Yes I ate less, but I ate junk food and this ultimately resulted in lack of energy and mood swings.



My workout suffered as well. I had no energy to workout or do anything physical. I was really sick and extremely tired. I would often sleep, a lot. This helped me progressively work towards getting better. What I find is that if I over exert my self my health goes backwards. Here is the evidence.

Day AM PM Yoga
Thursday Rest (due to sickness) Rest (due to sickness) Rest (due to sickness)
Friday 70 minutes Cardio
Saturday Rest (due to sickness) Rest (due to sickness) Rest (due to sickness)
Sunday Rest (due to sickness) Rest (due to sickness) Rest (due to sickness)
Monday Rest (due to sickness) Rest (due to sickness) Rest (due to sickness)
Tuesday Rest (due to sickness) Rest (due to sickness) Rest (due to sickness)
Wednesday Rest (due to sickness) Rest (due to sickness) Rest (due to sickness)

Green Tea:

This has probably been the worst week thus far in terms of green tea consumption. There were days when I didn’t even drink a cup of green tea! I didn’t want it, in fact after consuming some of it I would feel instantly dehydrated. I really craved for could old -fashioned black tea with milk and sugar. I have no idea why. It could be some sort of weird, regression to my childhood or something but all I can say is that I really needed it. I drank green tea SOMETIMES. Yes, I’m hanging my head in shame right now. I’ve failed you my readers.

Another variable:

(TMI alert!) The lovely monthly period came and stuck around for a bit. As mentioned in a previous post, I tend to gain 1-2 kilos during this time. Also, I find it very hard to lose during this time and usually shortly after it’s over. It tends to take a while to drop off.

Overall conclusion on my green tea experiment:

There are quite a number of variables that I would have to say may have hindered the most optimum and clear-cut results.

So how much did I lose whilst incorporating green tea during the 6 week period? 2.3 kilos! Not much really.

During the 6 weeks I often didn’t consume green tea on a regularly basis especially directly after each meals, which I had proclaimed I would in my very first post. (Ahhh a good example of how dieters have good intentions at first then fizzled as “life” gets in the way.) I take full responsibility for this. Yes, I consumed 3-4 cups a day but I didn’t do it so consistently enough to help determine whether green tea can assist in weight loss.

Due to this inconsistency, it was a blessing in disguise. I have learned so much about how I operate. I start off well, a few roadblocks get in the way, so I allow that to affect me and I teeter off. Also, I tend to get lazy quick easily. This needs to stop. I have time, although a majority of time I did exercise and stick to my diet, but more often than I would have liked I would trail off. I did well before Hawaii so I guess I need a worthwhile goal right? Yes, it’s nice to have one. I think this is great for a short-term goal but what I need is a long-term goal. So what is my long-term goal? This is something I need to establish in order to drive me to keep going, help me get back up if I hit a brick wall, to stop me from wanting to eat cookies or a whopper or get me to the gym, no matter. This long-term goal needs to stop me from repeating the vicious yo-yo dieting cycle that I tend to travel on because it’s not helping me. This unhealthy lifestyle and mindset needs to stop.

My exercise regime did vary in intensity and consistency. I did find that the more consistent I was with my workouts (i.e. doing 5-6 workouts a week and/or incorporating 2 1 hour workouts a day) there was more of a chance I lost quite a bit of weight that week. The less I did, the less I lost and as proven in a few of these weeks, I would often gain a bit.

Over the past 6 weeks I would have to say, a majority of the time I stuck to my diet but compared to my diet and exercise regime I did before Hawaii I had increased my ‘cheat meals’ substantially. When I stuck to the diet for the most part I seemed to have lost the weight. Not only that I didn’t crave as much sugary treats and carbs.

I don’t think I can give you a definite conclusive response to whether green tea can aid with weight loss. What I can say is that, firstly I do need to have the right positive mental attitude towards making a serious change to my health and wellbeing. The first step is to ‘want’ to lose the weight. The second is the ‘why’. The third is the ‘how’. I then need to understand and work on analyzing my diet habits and really confront it. I need to question yourself as to how I got to where I am today. I want to lose weight right? I need to question and observe my dietary and exercise habits. Constantly reevaluate and change, if necessary.

I found green tea was fantastic with aiding in digestion. After drinking a cup after a meal I no longer felt as bloated and sluggish.

I would like to safely say, last week was a complete write-off. I would like to give myself another week to see if I lose weight, with the right diet and exercise, and by incorporating green tea. Don’t get me wrong, I will still incorporate green tea into my diet after the experiment is over but I won’t necessarily analyse the results with the weighing question as to whether it has complete effect on my weight loss.

So there you have it. I will give myself another week starting Monday the 11th August 2014. Let’s see how I will go.

Selma Danculovic

Author of The Papakittens Adventures: Reach for the Stars

#weightloss #greentea #dieting

Disclaimer* This is in no way diet advice but our own personal journey and experience. I’m not a dietician. Please seek professional advice when embarking on any diet and/or exercise regime.